I am so close to finishing this fic chapter

I can practically taste it. I have to go to bed now like a responsible adult (ew), but there is absolutely no excuse not to finish it tomorrow.

You hear that, Future Me? Past You is holding you accountable for this! There are only like two paragraphs left, and then POV editing. GET IT DONE!

Have some lame Dragon Age artwork, too, from me to you!

Dragon Age Limericks!

There was a Warden named Amell
She knew her way around a spell
The Archdemon emerged
Her allies converged
But she died sending it back to Hell

The great Pirate Queen Isabela
Bedded many a lady and fella
But without protection
She got an infection
And begged Anders to reduce the swell-a







Frozach Submitted

Wtf did I just read

I can’t believe I actually read that whole thing.

I found it again beautiful

IT CAME BACK! the last time i saw this was long long ago

I have to do this when I make a gingerbread house, cause I don’t like eating them either. They taste funny and not like a gingercookie!

Dragon Age NOTPs


I absolutely, one hundred percent, do NOT understand the Alistair/Morrigan ship. At all.

They freaking HATE each other, people. Morrigan legit thinks Alistair is the most stupid and completely useless person on the planet. Alistair—sweet little Alistair, who can understand and forgive *Isolde* even though she’s the reason he felt unloved as a child—thinks Morrigan is just an untrustworthy, horrendous bitch. The only person he hates more than her is Loghain, and that guy massacred everyone Alistair cared about. What does that tell you.

I’m not opposed to the hate/love type relationships. Stuff like Warden/Nathaniel is my bread and butter. But the difference is that even though they start out as enemies, their friendship can evolve over time into a mutual respect. Morrigan and Alistair just straight-up hate each other.


This ship seriously makes me want to vomit. Fenris and Anders aren’t just these cute little frenemies who disagree aww how adorable.

These two are seriously DISGUSTED by each other and their views. Anders will approve if you sell Fenris back into slavery! Fenris wants you to kill Anders in endgame! I just don’t understand how people can ship this couple when they have nothing but loathing and disdain for one another. The idea of people trying to make them into a couple sickens me. Just… no.

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